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Welcome: To the world of the "real".

What is the meaning of life!?  By Stormsfury 

Welcome to the site! Ok so why are we here? Well why are you here? Probably just doing some bored search on the internet right? Well hopefully it was more than that. 

Right now, more people than ever before are "waking up". People are learning who they were and how old they really are, and what gifts we should possess naturally. People have learned to unlearn a lifetime of brain training. So we are branching back and reclaiming our past. A slight problem is that some people, because what we are learning to do seems like such an advancement. are presuming this is a massive leap forward. This is just reclaiming what our energy and our dna used to allow.

What they are getting confused with is something many people a simply referring to as "the shift", not to be confused with a normal shift. This is the earth as she is moving into a new age, and as the theory goes we have 12 stranded dna not 2. And we lost the ability to use the ones we had open, i think around six at the time. The story behind that i will reveal; sometime. The earth is twisting and bending, as are we as we move into an area some like to call "5D". Which is for us the opening of another dimension via the full opening of another strand of dna. And for the earth as a whole, well i have seen a hundred science videos so i will spare you. But the natural laws that govern the planet may bend or break. And our own perception will change..if we see in another dimension to what we are seeing now, things as simple as seeing around a corner in the normal view of your ocular vision would be totally normal. So as i said, things would change because many of the old "laws" would become obsolete, even unusable. I have spoken to spiritual and semi scientific leaders from groups all over facebook. And all of them are reporting that a number of their members were all experiencing the same symptoms. BUT NOT ALL. It has always been my belief that we are born equal. And people have tried to tell me not all will be able to make the shift. Something i was not personally happy to believe. But i am beginning now to see WHY a person would not be able to make the shift, if they are not flowing and flexible through and through they are too rigid for a shift like this...rather simplistic i know but there it is. Other people are experiencing other symptoms but more information needs t come to light before i can elaborate further I will in this site go into far deeper detail. 

So this also means the earth is in and out of flux, when it is in flux it seems that it becomes harder to earth..because the earth it's is not "there" and not stable. you can earth to something in that state This is causing a noticeable reaction amongst people as well.

During all of this there are others who are amongst us who are very old, and are with us for the last tie. Trying to do what they can. Many people believe the leap into 5 d means that we will all become really nice and peaceful. I already know that is wishful thinking at absolute best. %d is big to you humans but it is nothing in the scheme of things. Attitudes will only change if people make the effort to make them change. 5D "just is" it will Provide Opportunities, to live free or fuck ourselves. We have a track record for fucking ourselves. So lets hope we keep waking up.

From Approaching the spiritual realm from a scientific background, to a serious look into "spiritual" crafts to the remembering of passed live, to remembering who and what we are and to claim back our "power". This site is based on a premise. The universe is alive. It split itself into as many diverse pieces as possible, so that they could slowly work their way back to the source. but not before they had changed and acquired a trillion different memories each from  a trillion different perspectives. The Universe discovering itself through creativity, and separation.

On this site we focus on The wide spectrum of practices from across the spiritual and scientific world, we are constantly looking for new things. This site is half dedicated to me and my work , ( I am storm by the way) But it is also dedicated to interviewing and featuring people and their works from many different backgrounds with an unlimited set of understandings they may bring. I will quite happily promote someone who is doing an honest deal. Also I will be making my own videos, on this site this is the deal: You don't get to make comments about a video..you don't get to make the quick sarcastic comment and run off. If someone submits a video, or i submit a video. If you have a reply you will need to make a "counter" video. Which i will then post. And the other thing is that many of us seem to hold pieces of the whole in terms of knowledge regarding certain spiritual information. We hope that together we can put what we have on the table and find something of use. Which of course anyone visiting this site could also benefit from. So Another reason to consider writing or participating in this site is that you may hold a piece of informations that we are all looking for. and there is none of us that would not benefit. certainly anyone volunteering that info will get that and more back. Hopefully together we can build a clearer picture of what we know and what it is we are being called together for.

The site is evolving constantly and major changes are expected to keep happening for now. Asi change so does the site, seems everything is in flux right now. There is far too much to say to put it all on a front page, but the site is being reshaped to make is easier for you to find all the info you want, and more videos are being created to help and to explain many of the things typing just cant. Consider taking part. If you need to contact me for anything then please do so in the contact section and wherever else i have left my email! If you need me for services, please understand i'm not currently accepting business, however i wont turn someone away if they could not find someone else. So contact me if you feel you don't have the options you'd like. I will resume offering my services a little down the line. 

From Theo, to atlantis, to the egyptians. From energy. to earth and back again. Down the quantum tree we slide into a world of possibilities, many we will try and see in some form on this very site, because here no one will tell you you have laws or limits. Here you are and unlimited being of unlimited potentials...and i would have you stay that way!

I have not began to cover it all, but i knew i wouldn't you will either get this site or not. It does cover spiritual things, though i'm not a fan of the word anymore. and this site will not be pulling any punches. This site is autonomous and reserves the right to say whatever the hell it wants!

Feel free to contact, stalk, facebook, email,phone, smoke signals, twitter, google+, youtube ,morse code or  "the ol' white sheet trick

Site will be worked on from 18/10 - 23/10 consistently, there should be no downtime but if you do have any problems just clean out your internet cache. During this time there may be some considerable movement and reshaping of the site, you will be kept updated by a link i will post here shortly


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Speed of light -  186,000 MP/s

Earth's distance from the sun:

93,000,000 Miles

Distance of the Moon from Earth:

238,857 Miles

Earth's age:

4.4 billion years

lighting captured on video when i first started filming in 2003

One in every four strikes of lightning hit the ground(cloud to ground), the rest travel between the clouds giving the effect of "sheet lighting" when it is actually something called "cloud to cloud" lightning. Sometimes the strike can even happen within one cloud.

There is never a time when the earth isn't experiencing thunderstorms somewhere, they are never silent.

Due to the lack of opposing forces no thunderstorms have ever been recorded over the north pole.