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What is the meaning of life?

The universe discovering itself through creativity......
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What is the meaning of life UK?    PULSE!!!!                               

The Audio being played is called "Time's Arrow" and was supposed to be a replacement for the first intro video. The video itself was unusable, but the audio was actually quite good and holds the right energy and really does start at a beginning I am happy with....until i make the next video anyways! It does look at the site but really has a focus on the science and spiritualist look at energy in the 3d perception of it. This audio is set to play automatically, but please feel free to stop it and play it in your own time on the media page of this site!

Mist rising over a lake on a july morning

What is "whatisthemeaningoflife.co.uk"? Also "stormsfury.com" 

What is the meaning of life!?  By Stormsfury

The many reasons why you are here range from you are the kind of person that used a magnifying glass to pop ants when you were a kid. To being bored and putting in crazy searches...or this site actually popped up on your spiritual search. This site aims to be many things, some of them it knows not what. So tag along and see if this is for you.

The site focuses on two broad subjects, spiritualism and creation. These things will be "transmitted" various different ways through various different channels. Not only will this site focus on my journey and the journey of people I take with me, but also it will discuss , review and interview other sites offering and displaying unique and worthy honorable content and tools for you and some classes for me too. We will try and stay on the edge of every interesting subject. 

What is the meaning of life? I dont know!! But i do know the question if answered in a sentence...would be a drag. So here it is..who cares what the meaning of life is..because it probably has many layers. One of them is living it!!! So the meaning of life around here is: Creating things, destroying things, trying things, doing, being, making, unlearning, music, video, art, working and manipulating energy, accessing the higher world and the many parts people are unaware of , the search for the guardians

And listing anymore would be a waste of ego because i am learning many of these things, though one of the things I am capable of teaching and teaching well is ZEN and i would encourage you to look at my upcoming classes, they wont be solemn they will just be!

So this site is the universe, that means it wants to be everyone, it wants to know everything and it wants to see everything from every angle. The only way that can be achieved in a 3d world by us monkeys, is by coming together and showing each other the intent and intuition that music is made of.. The universe is expanding as are we, more and more of us are understanding quite intuitively who we are, how we were, and what our purpose is. But we still need to live a certain way and learn all the lessons available. So here is to the march through life! 

The site is still young but has grown in a very short time, and has satisfying views, but it is meant for much more! The site is still changing as am i right now, but certain parts of the site are really filling in and making themselves a permanent fixture, I expect this to be the trend. 

My friends, unless you can see what i am thinking, then we are in for a wild wild ride and one that we were born for!! Life can be everything you think it's not, it's as easy as changing your mind

Feel free to contact, stalk, facebook, email,phone, smoke signals, twitter, google+, youtube ,morse code or  "the ol' white sheet trick

I tried to record a second intro video but the video itself was unusable but the soundtrack you are listening to is the result of that recording, it's a basic look at science and energy and mentions some facts from the site too...it is packed with energy and i hope you gaain at least something from it. I will be working on a version 3 right away! You can also listen to it at a time you chose by visiting the media section of the site.


All Donations are put right back into the development, research and content of this site, with the aim of giving you the best quality service available. I thank you humbly in advance for ANY donations that would gratefully received. All donations will be listed as will the items they were spent on in the interest of transparency

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Speed of light -  186,000 MP/s

Earth's distance from the sun:

93,000,000 Miles

Distance of the Moon from Earth:

238,857 Miles

Earth's age:

4.4 billion years

lighting captured on video when i first started filming in 2003

One in every four strikes of lightning hit the ground(cloud to ground), the rest travel between the clouds giving the effect of "sheet lighting" when it is actually something called "cloud to cloud" lightning. Sometimes the strike can even happen within one cloud.

There is never a time when the earth isn't experiencing thunderstorms somewhere, they are never silent.

Due to the lack of opposing forces no thunderstorms have ever been recorded over the north pole.